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KROSTech 30 Hour LAN

90 Francis Road Lawnton
Event Details:
The annual 30 Hour LAN is on again
Join up with the RAW WAR boys and have fun for 30 hours of LAN gaming in airconditioned comfort.
Linked X-Box 360s, Gaming, food etc.
update - Bathurst Spectacular to be included at this LAN
update - Server Settings and Prize List for Bathurst Spectacular
update - Teams and drivers
Register below and then let Tim know what catering option you want.
  • Fully catered. Dinner Friday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Saturday $40 includes drinks with meals
  • No catering - whole event - $15
  • No catering Friday night only, Saturday night only $6
  • Individual Meals $7 - must be registered and let Tim know in advance

KROSTech New Years Special

Tims Place
Event Details:
updated 24/12/07 This event is now full, no further entries being taken - Thanks.
The usual crew will meet on Saturday 29th December for an all nighter at Tims place. Bring your PC, best poker face and we will supply all the food and entertainment as usual followed up with breakfast in the morning.
Starts at 4PM and goes through to 9AM
Meals include dinner, snacks, and breakfast
Cost is $25 per person
email neuro@krostech.biz for more details, or login to register on this site.

Raw War 2007 Round 7

90 Francis Road Lawnton
Event Details:
Next Raw War will be on 25th August. I know, I know…..it’s not the 3rd Saturday, but the church has a large function happening and they asked if it was possible for me to switch the booking so they can use the hall. They look after us pretty well, so I was happy to oblige.
The bonus event for last month was V8, with Bleeding Gums and Uncle Dave winning the prizes.
Bonus event for next month is back to Counter-Strike. Given enough time and enough entries, I might be able to squeeze another event in later in the evening.
The bonus event costs an extra $1 but there are always some movie tickets to be won and all teams are kept pretty even to give everyone the same chance. I might not have to start this one as early as the rest (3:45) but probably would need to get started no later than 4:30, so if you’re keen, make sure your pc is up and working and the game installed and running by 4:30.

Raw War 2007 Round 6

90 Francis Road Lawnton
Event Details:
Round 6 will NOT be on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
The next one will be Saturday 14th July.
The bonus event for the July Raw War will be V8. Even if you suck at the game, come along early and give it a go. The format as always for bonus events will be handicap teams, so the worse you are, the better your partner will be. And don’t cry, all you good drivers. If we get enough entrants we can run an A & B server and provide prizes for each.
As usual, the Bonus Event will close for registration at 3:45, so make sure you have your game installed and ready to play by then.
After tea, the normal Raw War events will run.
See you there.

Raw War 2007 Round 5

90 Francis Road Lawnton
Event Details:
Hi All
All geared up for Round 5 this Saturday. 2pm – 11:30pm.
Cost: $10 (includes pizza)
BYO: PC, powerboard, network cable (I have spares for hire for $1 if needed).
Where: Rivers Baptist Church Hall – 90 Francis Road, Lawnton
As we did last time, we’ll be running another bonus event, this time in Warcraft Dota (Frozen Throne).
Registration for the Bonus Event closes at 3:45 and costs $1 (on top of your normal Raw War entry). Again, there will be movie ticket prizes and players will be paired together by me so that all teams are even. This means you need to have the game loaded and ready to play by 3:45.
Dota is very quick to install and easy to play so don’t be put off if you’ve never played it before. You only have to control one figure (a Hero) to fight against the opposing armies. You’ll be paired with a good partner who’ll help you through. Everyone that enters will have the same chance at winning because the worse they are, the better their partner.

LAN Internet Event V8 3 Supercars

Your place
Event Details:
Awesome internet event - LAN Party from the comfort of your own home!
I know that Racing is not everyone’s favourite computer game, but we’ve decided to begin with this because it is the most reliable. After a few tries, if it works well, we’ll add another game later in the year.
This will be an official Raw War event which carries full Raw War points. It is an extra opportunity for you to improve your best scores, and you won’t be penalized if you don’t partake.
The only requirement is that you pre-register by emailing Wayne on wake@technet2000.com.au no later than one hour before blast-off. You will be emailed back with the session name and the password. The session is likely to go for 60-90 minutes and will have collisions turned off. If there’s too many registrations for one server, you’ll be emailed advising which server for you to join. If you join the wrong server, the host will reject you and then you can join the correct server.

Raw War 2007 Round 3

90 Francis Road Lawnton
Event Details:
On this day Wayne will be attending the Celebration Service for the life of his mother-in-law who passed away on 4th April. She was a wonderful woman who migrated from England during the Great Depression and raised 6 children while she and her husband managed a farm. She was a faithful servant to her Lord and taught her children the same way. She will be missed but we’ll see her again soon.
Raw War will operate as normal. Wayne will conscript an unsuspecting “volunteer” to supervise the setup and operation until he arrives around 5:00pm. Please be patient with him / her because they may feel a little over-awed by the whole thing.
This is a Rivers Baptist LAN Event. Get all the details at Rivers Baptist website.
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