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Who we are and how to contact us

KROSTech is a trading name of Jethro Management Pty Ltd. All other products mentioned are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies.

Contact us using any of the following methods:

+61 414 770 002

Postal address
PO Box 5562 Brendale QLD 4500 Australia

Electronic mail
General Information: Email krostech@krostech.biz
Registration: Email register@krostech.biz

Email Webmaster tim@jethroconsultants.com

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KROSTech Mission Statement

A little bit about 2006 and KROSTech's mission.
Our mission is to create a competitive gaming environment where we have the ability to learn and practice teamwork and encourage others to play well together.

We want to foster an environment where people will play games that don't really "turn them on" while realising that this makes it more enjoyable for those who do, and at the same time this is turn about. These people will in turn play games that you enjoy. Thus we have 95 to 100% of players at the LAN involved in the same game during the tournament time from 7PM to Midnight. This is contrast to most LAN's where there is little or no organised structure, game servers are sparsely populated and new comers find it difficult to get into games.


At the moment we are approaching 2006 with a very flexible attitude. The first couple of LANs we will trial a multi game server approach, where we will play multiple games of the same genre simultaneously and players can choose which server they join.
So V8 Supercars 2 and Power Slide will go side by side, some can play Power Slide and some can play V8s.
Note that Wayne is the tournament director, and ultimately tournament game choice and server settings are up to him.

We appreciate the feedback we have received so far in the form of emails in response to the request for ideas of games to play for 2006 as well as survey responses handed in.
Feel free to comment on this post as a further way of providing feedback. (Note you must be logged in to do that.)

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