LAN Rules

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Please note these rules will be enforced.

There shall be no porn or erotica shared or displayed.
There shall be no alcohol brought onto or consumed on the premises.
There shall be no smoking in the buildings or walkways. Smokers need to dispose of butts in trashcans.
There shall be no drugs brought onto, consumed or sold on the premises.
There shall be no stealing.
There shall be no computer viruses distributed on the network.
There shall be no deliberate damage to another persons PC, software, data or hardware.
Offenders for the above will be given 1 warning and then ejected permanently. No discussions.

Rules of LAN playing
There shall be no cheating.
There shall be headphones and no speakers. (Non powered speakers are OK - Subwoofers are out)

Rules of Tournament
Tournament admin has final say in disputes. No discussion will be entered into.

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