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Teams for the Bathurst 2008 Race

Listed below are the confirmed teams for the race on 12th Jan. If this information is incorrect, or if you’re not on the list and would like to be, please let me know. Better for me to know now, than on the day.

Confirmed Racing Teams (2 car teams): updated 23/12/07
Registered Racing Teams:

CRV Racing
1 – Gunner, Viper
2 – Redback, Glacius

Team KrosTech
1 – NeuroTech, Rochie, Michael
2 – OO7, Asssyd

Useless Brothers Racing
1 – BosomBuddy, Bhuntaah, Diced Meat
2 – Madoc, Kale, Jason

Funnelweb Motorsport
1 – Joekster, Coops, Mel
2 – Andrew, Nathan

Registered Privateers:

no name yet
James K., Matt, Dilmah

No name yet
Uncle Dave, Jamie

Spare Drivers (confirmed)
Mick W.
James Dunstan

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V8 Supercars Bathurst Spectacular Prize List and Server Settings

Disclaimer - these may be changed or updated closer to the event - keep an eye out for changes. updated 23/12/07

Set out below are the following prize categories, game version and format rules. Please keep watching this space in case of alterations and improvements.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on anything to do with the event. Please email Wayne on

Current Arrangements as at 20th October 2007 23 December 2007.
Game Version:
V8 Supercars (3) or AKA Racedriver 3.

Patch Version From Codemasters - this patch needs to be installed.

Game Setup
Collisions: OFF
Black Flags: ON (for Wrong Way, Corner Cutting, Careless Driving).
Severity: Lenient

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V83 Bathurst Spectacular

As part of the 30 Hour LAN we will hold the Annual V8 (3) Bathurst Spectacular. This will be held on Saturday 12th January, 2008. There is no compulsion on 30 hour lanners to join in, and Bathurst players will be on a separate network anyway so as to avoid leeching degrading their network performance.

Venue: Rivers Baptist Church, 90 Francis Road, Lawnton
Registration: email beforehand
Practice: anytime from 6:00pm Friday 11th through the night until qualifying starts
Qualifying: 3:00pm sharp
Blast Off: 4:00pm sharp
Finish: 10:00pm approx

One car per team (minimum 2 drivers per car) (choose your own team size and team members)
All teams must register either by email beforehand or by the rego form at the Lan.
Full Bathurst (161 laps – approx 5-6 hrs per team)

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Raw War 9 - Saturday 20th October

Hi All

Next Raw War is Saturday 20th October, 2:00pm – 11:30pm.

Bonus Event will be a single player (1 vs 1) tournament of Counter-Strike, plus more if we have time.

This will be the last regular round of Raw War, meaning this is your last chance to improve your points tally for the end-of-year prizes. The November Raw War will be Grand Final night with some special events for the highly ranked players and the also-rans, along with some more prizes.

For the drivers, I’m looking for some interest to hold a Grand V8 event either early December or late January. Haven’t decided on the exact format but I’ve listed some options below. Please reply if you’d be interested and which formats you like and don’t like (all formats only use the V8 Supercar Championship).

Option A

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Raw War 8 This Saturday

Hi All

Sorry once again for the late notice. Ilness, holidays and work all seem to gang up on me at the wrong time.

However, we're on for Round 8 of Raw War 2007 this Saturday.

Doors open 2:00pm - Pack up 11:30pm

Cost: $10

BYO: PC, powerboard, network cable

Bonus events will be run throughout the day and evening. I'll try to fit in as many as possible, without getting in the way of the normal Raw War events.

Any questions or suggestions, please email.

Hope to see you Saturday.



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Raw War this Saturday 25th August

2:00 pm – 11:00pm
Rivers Baptist Church Hall, 90 Francis Rd, Lawnton
$10 including pizza plus an extra $1 to play in the bonus events where you can score movie passes.
BYO PC, non-amplified or enhanced speakers, powerboard, network cable (minimum 3m, but 5m is best)

Bonus event will be Counter-Strike Source with handicap partners, so everyone has the same chance of winning. If we get enough entries, we can run A & B servers to double your chances of getting a prize.

If we have time and enough interest, we may run another bonus event later on.

Some special requests:

Please don’t leave your vehicle on the grass (dirt, he-he). If you have a larger than normal load and need to pull up to unload, that’s fine, then just move back onto the bitumen.
Pizza Time
Before we eat, some of us choose to say Grace and give thanks for the food. We don’t expect you to take part, but please respect us and just be quiet until we’re finished.

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Raw War Round 4 Results

Here’s the results for Raw War Round 4.

Round 5 will be Saturday 16th June, from 2:00pm. (3rd Saturday of the month)

We’ll be having a bonus event in DOTA (minimum 2 movie tickets, maybe 4 if we get enough entries) and time permitting, we might even run another bonus event in CS. Stay tuned !!!!


[img_assist|fid=342|thumb=1|alt=Raw War Round 4 Results]

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