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Raw War Round 4 - 19th May

Hello All

Raw War Round 4 – Saturday 19th May
Rivers Baptist Church Hall
90 Francis Road, Lawnton

Cost - $10 (includes pizza)
Extra Cost - $1 to register for the Bonus Event
BYO - PC, powerboard, network cable (I have spare cables for $1 hire if needed)
Doors Open - 2:00pm
Bonus Event Registrations Close - 3:45pm
Bonus Event - 4:00pm (Winners receive 2 movie tickets each)
Pizza - 6:00pm
V8 (3) - 6:45pm
CounterStrike - 8:00pm
Strategy - 10:00pm
Pack Up - 11:30pm

We have a new attraction this month. We will be running the first of our “Bonus Events”. It will be a handicap Counter-Strike Source pairs event, starting at 4:00pm and running for 60 – 90 minutes.

The cost for this event is $1 and you need to register with me by 3:45pm.

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30 Hour update

For those who are unbelievers - we are still running the 30 hour LAN!
Only 4 sleeps to go

We will have net access, though only on a separate network and not for gaming, only for people who might need it for something like patches, email and banking etc.

Gigabit Network
We will have a Gigabit network for those who have Gigabit cards. This will be limited to those people only and still connected to the 100Mb network for everybody else. If you have a Gigabit switch feel free to bring it - we will have 14 Gigabit ports available.

We do have a fully catered option for those who want it for $40 - you must register online and then email be by thursday 11th to access this or I will not cater for you.

We will be playing
Call of Juarez
Nascar 2002 (dodgem cars!)
Far Cry
Battlefield 2 and maybe Battlefield 1942
V8 Supercars 2 and 3
Counterstrike Source
Company of Heroes
Rise Of Nations
and more..

So what are you waiting for - sign up online and get your PC to Lawnton for the 30 hours of insane leac - I mean lanning!

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RAW WAR 2006 Grand Final

This is it, folks, the Grand Final round of Raw War 2006.

Only 9 points separate the top 4 players, so come along and be a part of the excitement as we participate and watch them go tooth and nail against each other, all around us. We will all be playing so it will be like being a soldier in the middle of a battle being led by a general who must lead his platoon to victory.

Current Overall Scores (Top 6)
Rochie - 133
Nightshade - 133
Gunner - 132
NeuroTech - 124
Dr Diesel - 120
Viper - 119

The scoring will be the same as it has been all year and to help you enjoy watching the scoring battles unfold on the night, here’s a brief summary of where the scores currently stand and how they can be affected on the night. Remember that we only record your 4 best scores in each game over the year, so to improve your total, you need to improve your lowest score in each game.

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UT 2004 Grandmaster Tournament Final Details

When: Saturday 1st July 2006
Time: 12 midday to 12 midnight (if you can't be there at midday, let me know what time)
Where: Rivers Baptist Church, 90 Francis Road, Lawnton
Why: To have some fun competition with a few random prizes at the end. If you're not a good player, we still guarantee you will have a great time.
Login and sign up now for free drinks

Events: Singles and Doubles (organise your own partner)

Singles: Qualifying will be "Invasion" format on the map Crash.
Tournament rounds will be "Last Man Standing" format on the maps Albatross, Compressed, Iron Dust, Serpentine, Griffin & Roughinery.

Doubles: Qualifying will be "Capture the Flag" format against 2 bots on the lowest level in the map Car Park.
Tournament rounds will be Capture the Flag in the maps Botanic, Citadel, Grendelkeep, Bahera & Face Classic.

Top Prizes
$100 game from Harvey Norman
$100 Z Board Gaming Keyboard

Heaps of other prizes to be won no matter how good you are!

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UT2004 Grandmaster Tournament Prizes

We now have a list of the UT2004 Grand Master Tournament Prizes.

First I want to thank our Sponsors who have made the prizes possible,
Rivers Baptist Church
Harvey Norman Morayfield
Jethro Management

Prize List
We have over $400 worth of prizes including:
Z Board - the Ultimate Gaming Keyboard
Logitech Formula Vibration Feedback Racing Wheel
Games - Masters Of Orion 3, Crashday, TrackMania Sunrise Extreme, MotoGP, Texas Hold'em Poker
And up to $100 Game from Harvey Norman at Morayfield.

Thanks again to the sponsors who have provided some of these.

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UT Grand master details


Pencil it into your calendars, all. The Raw War Grand Master tournament in UT2004 is official and happening.

Rivers Baptist Church, 90 Francis Rd, Lawnton - Saturday 1st July 2006 - sign up now for 2 free cans of drink.

Prize List Here

Events will be:

  • Single player Last Man Standing format. This is deathmatch without any ammo or health pickups.
  • 2 player teams - Capture the Flag. Bring your own partner.
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    Specific notes for next LAN

    Order of games
    It's still smoother for the operation of the whole evening if we run the Racer first. Not everyone likes playing a lot of the same game all at once (Far Cry top gun, then straight into the Raw War version), plus Wayne needs the pizza time to make sure everyone understands how the V8 servers will be run. It is important to know that the host will be instructed by Wayne to click START when everyone is finished the race and he's taken a screen dump. If you're not in the lobby and clicked ready when the timer runs out, the next race will start without you.

    Wayne has always aimed on RAW WAR being finished by 11:30 so we can be gone and quiet by 12. Five minutes in between maps in Far Cry should be plenty plus I don't think we'll need a full 90min for racing.

    Next Lan we will probably run a "Collisions On" server and a "Collisions Off" server and see how many we get in each. That way people can choose their own destiny. If we fill one up and there's more want to play that style, then we can change the other one to that one, citing popularity. Alternatively we may run an A and B server.

    Any AI cars will be on the lowest skill, to keep the servers full. More cars, more fun.

    The type of cars to be used will be for the whole night (easier to calculate points) but Wayne will draw it at random on the night as a surprise.

    Far Cry
    We will run 3 large assault maps of 15 minutes each way (max 30 minutes).
    It is imperative that you have the full map pack available BEFORE the RAW WAR starts.
    We will trial punkbuster turned off so as to reduce the lag it causes. Remember that the rules prohibit cheats of any kind. Don't
    be tempted!

    Points per server are now worth double the number of people in the server. So if there are 4 players in the server the winner will get 8, second 6 and so on.

    Comments and Complaints
    If anyone has any complaints, please see Wayne personally or email it to If people can only complain in secret, then Wayne won't give their concerns any weight. Likewise if you have any helpful comments on how we can improve the tournament then please talk to Wayne or Tim.

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