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Card and Boardgame night results

CRBR005170_LoRes The first of these nights was a good one with 10 or 11 players showing up. I don't have all the results of individual games being played but what I can remember I have put down here. Rochie won at munchkins after a hard fought battle that started with a lot of curses being laid on players. Pente was played for a while at the beginning giving new players a taste of this addictive strategy game. I know N3ur0T3ch won one game and Dragongirl another but not sure who else won a game. Darksbane and N3ur0 cleaned up at Canasta after a very strong first hand. Once again a game that is new to some people so lots of learning going on. Scrabble and Rummikub got a work out by several players - sorry no results for scrabble but Rasita won Rummikub. KristyLee surprised everybody by being both the best liar and also the best at determining the truthfulness of others. Linda and Robert made the longest sentence from the fridge magnet word game with 13 randomly selected words being used.   Looking forward to the next games night on 26th April.

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Bathurst Spectacular Results from 30 Hour LAN 2008

Thanks to everyone who turned up to make last Saturday night a raging success. This was actually the 4th Bathurst Spectacular and it turned out to be every bit as fun as all the rest. This was also the most cars we've had entered.

Special thank-yous:
Tim for organising and maintaining a trouble-free network the whole evening and providing the laptop for the driver's log; Tim & Marty for supplying extra computers so more people could take part; Shane for keeping a running tally of placings in case of power failure; Joseph for being official photographer; Team Happy Families for bringing that ridiculous helmet which gave everyone a good laugh. And of course Wayne for organising the whole Bathurst Spectacular.

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RAW WAR - November Grand Final

The October Raw War saw combatants with their last chance to improve their scores in the 2007 Raw War Championship.

November Raw War will be on Saturday 17th, with a Grand Final – type format to decide the Grand Final winner for 2007. The games used will be the same 3 used all year.

Championship final results were:

1st – David (Nightshade) – winner of the KROSTech Top Gun trophy
2nd – Daniel (Penguinboy)
3rd – David (Uncle Dave)
4th – Wayne (BosomBuddy)
5th – Martin (Viper)

Don’t forget our Bathurst Spectacular on 12th January. Register here

Wayne is looking for comments and suggestions for the conduct of Raw War 2008. Everyone’s input is valuable, but I’m particularly keen to hear from those who weren’t able to attend much this year. Were you just not available or does the whole thing just suck?

Let Wayne know whatever you think.

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Raw War 2007 Round 6 Results

Raw War 2007 Round 6 Results

Please find attached the results from Round 6, held on 11th July.

Nightshade has established a small lead in the overall championship, but with 4 rounds to go, anything can still happen.

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Raw War Results Round 5

Raw War 2007 Round 5 Results

A chilly night welcomed us for Round 5 of Raw War 2007.

The bonus event this time around was Dota, with 2 evenly matched teams of good and not-so-good players battling for over an hour to gain supremacy.

The victors ended up being the team of Penguinboy, Medic & Nightshade. Each player from the winning team won a movie ticket

Results linked as image - click for larger view and also as a PDF attachment.

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Raw War Round 2 Results

Hi guys,

Thanks for a great evening on Saturday night. Plenty of good clean fun. The results are listed below. Remember that in each game, all your scores are tallied up (eg: every map score in CS) then you are allocated Raw War points at the end.

One point for finishing last, two points for second last, etc.

Next time I’m thinking about having an optional strategy timeslot around 4:00pm where the only game to score points will be DOTA. This will give those people that have to leave early the chance to record a strategy score and it also means that we might even get enough participants for 2 servers. I’ve chosen DOTA because it’s the easiest to play, install and run and most computers.

If you choose to just play your strategy game at the end of the night, you can do that too.

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RAW WAR 2006 Final Results

Here it is, guys. The final results for Raw War 2006. We took the best 4 results from each style of game and added them together to give you a total score for the year. See the PDF file attached (click read more below to find it)

Congratulations to David Gates of Clontarf Baptist (Nightshade) who was 2006 Raw War Champion. He won everything that moved this year, but that only makes him a marked man for next year. David finished the year on 167 points.

Runner up was Jamie Rochfort of Rivers Baptist (Rochie). He tried hard on the final night but was unable to snatch the prize. Jamie finished on 156 points.

Sneaking a spot on the podium was Tony Poor (Gunner). Despite having to sit around a rowdy bunch of losers for most of the year he was able to maintain focus long enough to keep the wolves from stealing his glory. Tony was Raw War Champion in 2004, but this year finished on 146 points.

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