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um how about unreal

um how about unreal tournament

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if we must - lol just

if we must - lol just kidding - sure why not - an invasion with instagib is always fun

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Hmm, I may need a PC upgrade

Hmm, I may need a PC upgrade before I can play theese games, I'm still living int he old times by the look of it. . . , my poor 1st gen 8800gts is half dead as it is. . .

but we must have some UT actions in there. maybe some SOF2?

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anybody got the new soldier

anybody got the new soldier of fortune? i still have the old one ready to go

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Well, your current list

Well, your current list is:

Can't comment on these, because I don't play them.

Starcraft 2 if its out by then
Yeah, like that'll happen. How about some Red Alert 3 or C&C3 instead?

Definitely. COD2 too, please.

This one is a pain to get working in multiplayer, and will not run on many computers. I say no to Crysis.

Never played it on multiplayer, so I don't know. Willing to give it a try, but I don't think there's anything special about it.

Again, definitely. Great LAN game.

I would really like to get a game of Team Fortress 2 going. If I can organise a version that we can all play, would anyone be interested?

EDIT: oh, and Neuro, I have the new SOF, but I haven't played it yet. I hear it's pretty lame. Best to stick with SOF2.

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hey PB crysis wars was what

hey PB
crysis wars was what i was particularly meaning - i have it - haven't tried it yet - think its worth a look
you got COD2?
Red alert 3 or C&C3 is a good idea - you got them?

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Yes, I have copies of C&C3,

Yes, I have copies of C&C3, RA3, and COD2.


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