Diablo 3 Raider

Due to Blizzard's some "unique" design philosophy, the expert mode occult division fared relatively miserable. To grow the Cabalist team, idiopathic a Gouqietousheng but very challenging to play. This the Build only applies Cabalist expert mode and temporarily unable to go mp2 or higher. Other types of players can see better, do not like, please Kuangpen. Build and fitted to serve Cock silk, because myself is pure. Whenever I see a panel of two or three hundred thousand moving the high rich handsome fat, Build, I silently point the top right corner of x. Nothing domineering name, called "Light the Fourth Nuclear Power Plant knife flow".

"Light nuclear is active skills" strong light wave (hereinafter referred to as light waves) - Chaos Flarecore (hereinafter referred Flarecore) ". "The four-blade flow" active skills "energy armor - fortitude Armor" (hereinafter referred to as the Mito A) combined with passive skills visions unrest (spring and brother), and in most cases can endure at least four knives die. Light-core and four-blade flow is not intrinsically linked. Together raised just because Cabalist HC is really weak, very tense active skill bar. The Cabalist left-skills have various defects chaotic light nuclear Rune is so good, and even allows light waves - light nuclear as the only means of attack. By leveraging the skills, "a fresh recruit, eat days" to save on the ultimate goal of an active bar.

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