Games for 30 Hour LAN (PART 2)

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as it seems the old topic auto locked (turn that off!) i started anotherone.




games thus far:
nascar 02'

BF1942/2/2142 (with or without mods)
ut 3
ut 04'

World in Conflict
Red alert 2
settelers of catan
Rise of nations


Any additions, subtractions, modifications???

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Driver: rFactor flatout nasca

nascar 02

BF1942(with or without mods)
ut 04

Red alert 2
settelers of catan
Rise of nations

removed games that will have issues with multiplayer/performance
crysis: there's about 4 people who will be able to play it
ETQW: online game, sucks at LAN
far cry: please, oh god no.
BF2/2142: massive compatibility issues, millions of patches
UT3: too new, gameplay, patching, and ease of use fails compared to 04
world in conflict: same reason

now replace red alert 2 with tiberian sun, insert cod4 (cod2 if 4 too new), and some games i cant think of

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looks like a great list -

looks like a great list - cant wait!
i have everything except flatout and rfactor
we could add age of empires or stronghold as rts games as well

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Ive got flatout, been

Ive got flatout, been playing it at my own lil lans in our church hall. networks fine but maximum of like 4 racers i think it was. but loads of fun.

definatley a must

Yeah, stronghold is heaps of

Yeah, stronghold is heaps of fun ( I have the whole series, i think). Also, I can play crysis on my PC which is going to be 4 years old by the time the LAN comes round, though only just. Hosted a LAN at my place and we had 6 PC's hooked up in crysis, though a couple were a lil old and dragged a bit. So most people who have bought a new PC in the last 2 years should be able to play it, at least on low settings.
UT3 demo was also heaps of fun, some things better then 2004, some not, but I would at least like to try it at the LAN.

PS. Did you make sure DX10 mode was turned off for Crysis on the server when you tried it, cause if noone else was playing in Vista, then you can't connect. We connected fairly easily after that. Was on a gigabit lan, but I doubt that would make much difference.

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I like 007's list, people

I like 007's list, people can play more system demanding games, they jsut need to turn down there settings, something we know you dont like to do penguinboy, i for one would like to see UT3 played at the LAN and farcry love the game but tis getting a bit old. . oh wait no its not coz were playing SOF2 and BF1942!! somhow i think wheather people like it or not Far Cry will make it onto the play list. . .

i think more then 4 people will be able to play crysis. . .

i can list 4 already

most likely you penguinboy

thats 5 already im sure there are many more with adiquite systems. .

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and that just leaves

and that just leaves everyone else playing a (in all likeliness, unless it's far cry) better game? i'd rather play something fun like cod2 or sof2 than play a crappy game just because it's new. same goes for UT3 - UT 2004 is simply easier to set up on everyone's computers.

edit: and on top of that, we've already tried playing crysis multiplayer, and it has serious issues. nobody could even connect to the server.

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I see your point. . . But

I see your point. . .

But i like Crysis, for me its a far better game then UT, cant say ive played UT3 though. . im still lingering on UT2003 not even 2004.

SOF2 is going to be played wheather you like it or not even if im the only one playing it lol. same goes for FarCry,

we have all determined long ago Daniel that peoples game taste varies, as mine does to yours and im sure mine varies to a lot of other peoples as well, i sugest games that are (in your opinion) 'crap' becouse they may be fun for some people, we have all seen from previous LAN's at Krostech that the list created on the website generaly differs far from what is written down to what is played on teh day.

one thing you wont catch me doing is playing a 360 though id rather slam my head in a fridge door over and over, correction! a fridge full of rotting meat over and over again.

thats about all i ahve to rave on about fro now have to og abck to work

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hopefully i turned the

hopefully i turned the locking feature off...

CS:S, warcraft 3 frozen

CS:S, warcraft 3 frozen throne,

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slightly of topic but does

slightly of topic but does anyone know where i can buy a 8800 'oeltra' *cough cough* i mean Ultra lol for cheap cheap. . . like below 800 cheap. . Umart sell a 8800Ultra for 799 or soemthign but its MSI i would rather a card like Albatron or Inno3D if they even make Ultra cards. . if not ill settle for a MSI card. . . that or if anyone has a GTX they want to sell me dirt dirt cheap? coz my GTS isnt enough. .

that and i say we at least give crysis a go at the Lan. . .

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ill tkae that GTS off your

ill tkae that GTS off your hands......:) free of charge.

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dont like yout chances on

dont like yout chances on that seeing as i cant even find a decent Ultra under 800. . stupid MSI the only one!!!!, the GTS will probs end up in my media center. . wait wont fit!! stupid shuttle X media center! anyone want to buy my shuttleX ??? HDD is flakey and the disk drive is crap. . .

lol its that lil black box that youve seen at Lans i got it abck now. . 3700 skt 939 gig of memory and a 256mg agp 9600. . the tuner card doesnt go with. . . its got gigabit lan. . lol

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and dota all stars

and dota all stars

yep like the games list so

yep like the games list so see you guys there and you might wanna wear some padded jeans or somthing cause im gonna open a can of woopass on you.

how about DOW : Dark

how about DOW : Dark Crusade.... i enjoy thats as an RTS program

If people are going to bring

If people are going to bring all these games, then I would recommend that the owners bring the necessary patches and mods, so that other people can update/modify their games as necessary to be able to play the games. It would kinda stink if we bring these games, then can't connect because we are running different versions, or don't have the mods!

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all ready sorted nightshade

all ready sorted nightshade (for mine at least)

Flatout? Maybe go Flatout 2.

Flatout? Maybe go Flatout 2. Gameplay is a bit more fun, with a few additional game modes.

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we never got it working

we never got it working successfully in a LAN - have you got a "working" version

Pretty sure my version

Pretty sure my version works. I believe that I have played it on a LAN before. Oh well, I will bring it, and at the very least we can try it.

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i have a working battle net

i have a working battle net server so DOTA will run better. :D and versions will auto update then without internet cause i just updated my dota so you should all just need to connect and it sill sync. :)

great list and i can play

great list and i can play crysis on my computer just fine and its nearly 3 yrs old.
and if someone cant play a game there are plenty of good other games to choose from