Upgraded PC

After over 5 years of the same PC, I have finally upgraded, at less than 1/3 the cost of the original PC. (See Best box here thread)

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 940 BE
RAM: 8GB Kingston DDR2 @800MHz
GPU: Galaxy GTX260P
DVD: LG Bluray/HD-DVD reader, DVD/CD burner
PSU: added a Thermaltake Power Express 450W VGA PSU to supplement my relatively small PSU of 430W
HDD: 1TB + one or two from the old PC

Also just wanted to see if anyone still vists this forum:p

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my gaming machine is now

my gaming machine is now running
CPU: core i7 extreme cpu
MB: X58
RAM: 6GB DDR3 - triple channel
HDD: Cheetah 10,000 RPM system, 3 x 500GB Storage etc
CASE: Antec 300
PSU: Tagan 1100W
GPU: 2 8800GTX OC 768MB cards in SLI

I bet that didn't cost 1/3

I bet that didn't cost 1/3 of your last pc, considering your CPU cost more than my entire new pc:p
Originally I considered a better GPU, but in the end, I couldn't be bothered paying an extra 50% for 10% gain, and it had to be under $1500 which ruled out the gtx295 unfortunately. Surprised you haven't got that yet, the GTX200 series is FAR better than the 8000 series.

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yeah - it was actually an

yeah - it was actually an insurance claim - and the video cards were items i already had

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your machine looks pretty

your machine looks pretty awesome though - how do you find the AMD chip?

Pretty good actually, had no

Pretty good actually, had no problems so far, and its no warmer than my last chip. Done some minor video encoding, and it managed to finish in a far more reasonable timeframe than the 3200+ ever could... Considering it has 6 times the number of clocks/sec available, its not that surprising though.
Did have a few issues with the PC, cause it was lagging during action in far cry 2, and even bf1942... But I have now decided to put it down to extreme lack of GOOD driver support for XP x64... Might install xp32 again just for oldschool stuff, and use windows 7 for everything else. Windows 7 is great, in case you haven't tried it yet. Ran on my old PC much better than Vista