Gear, computer specifications and banned substances

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You will need to bring a computer or laptop.
Minimum recommended specs are:
Intel Celeron 2.8Ghz or equivalent
512Mb RAM
64Mb Video Card
10/100 Network Card or onboard connection
Windows XP (preferably Service Pack 2)
Any other game software you need.

While a machine like this will be able to connect and play most games it certainly won't be an enjoyable experience.

We recommend that your PC meet the following requirements to ensure that your game play is glitch free and that your hardware can meet most game requirements.
P4 3.0Ghz or AMD64 3000+ or better
1Gb RAM or better
128Mb Video Card or better
10/100 Network card or onboard connection.
Windows XP (preferably Service Pack 2)
Any other game software you need.

(Parts and upgrades can be purchased and arranged at the LAN's.)
We also can arrange hire of a machine from other LAN attendees (at their discretion). Cost $10 per LAN. Prior arrangement is necessary and availability of machines is on a first-come first-served basis.

What gear you can bring if you want to.
You can bring your comfortable chair if you want, though chairs are provided.
Headphones - please no powered speakers and subwoofers. These take much needed amperage from the power circuits and can be annoying for others. Small, non-mains powered speakers are acceptable.
Racing wheels, joysticks and game pads.

Food and Drinks
We supply Pizza for dinner (included in the entry fee) thanks to Eagle Boys at Warner Village. This is generally served between 6PM and 7PM.
A selection of cold drinks are available for sale.
$1.20 for cans. Bottles and speciality drinks are priced separately. Eg XS Energy Drinks, Gatorade, Ginger Beer etc. No food is to be consumed in the hall unless you are prepared to assist in vaccuming afterwards. Pizza is only to be eaten outside.

Banned from the LAN
The following products and items are banned from the LAN and from the premises and grounds of Rivers Baptist Church:
Alcohol (in open or closed containers)
Illict or illegal drugs or drug consumption equipment including needles bongs and the like
Knives or machetes
Spray cans of paint or other flammable substances (excluding deodorant)

While smoking is not encouraged we recognise that some patrons wish to smoke. As there are no smokers ashtrays or cans on the church grounds we request that all smoking is done on the grassed areas and butts are stubbed disposed of in the trashcan once they are out. Please do not drop butts on the grass. Thankyou.