RAW WAR 2006 Tournament

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RAW WAR is our tournament. This is optional but most people who come join in. Newcomers and players who come only once are welcome to join in.

We pick 3 games from 3 different genres and play them for a year in a tournament format - more details below.

This year (2006) we are playing V8 Supercars2 or Powerslide (Driving games), Far Cry (First Person Shooters) and a choice of C&C Generals, Rise of Nations, Settlers of Catan or Warcraft DOTA (Real Time Strategy).

The tournament is organised by our tournament director Wayne. It always kicks off after Pizza at around 7PM. Wayne organises each night and instructs team captains on what's happening next. He also ensures that servers are setup uniformly or within allowed settings. Team captains then tell their teams which server to join.

Teams create a server for each game and then players from each team join and away they go.

Top Gun
The Top Gun trophy goes to the player with the best average kill count in a 20 minute deathmatch played at each LAN over the year. This year the game will be Far Cry. The maps are different each LAN.

Please give us your feedback on these plans. These will be not finalised until the first LAN of the year in February. Login to comment below.