LAN Internet Event V8 3 Supercars

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Event Details:
Awesome internet event - LAN Party from the comfort of your own home!
I know that Racing is not everyone’s favourite computer game, but we’ve decided to begin with this because it is the most reliable. After a few tries, if it works well, we’ll add another game later in the year.
This will be an official Raw War event which carries full Raw War points. It is an extra opportunity for you to improve your best scores, and you won’t be penalized if you don’t partake.
The only requirement is that you pre-register by emailing Wayne on no later than one hour before blast-off. You will be emailed back with the session name and the password. The session is likely to go for 60-90 minutes and will have collisions turned off. If there’s too many registrations for one server, you’ll be emailed advising which server for you to join. If you join the wrong server, the host will reject you and then you can join the correct server.
This is a Rivers Baptist LAN Event. Get all the details at Rivers Baptist website.