Raw War 9 - Saturday 20th October

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Hi All

Next Raw War is Saturday 20th October, 2:00pm – 11:30pm.

Bonus Event will be a single player (1 vs 1) tournament of Counter-Strike, plus more if we have time.

This will be the last regular round of Raw War, meaning this is your last chance to improve your points tally for the end-of-year prizes. The November Raw War will be Grand Final night with some special events for the highly ranked players and the also-rans, along with some more prizes.

For the drivers, I’m looking for some interest to hold a Grand V8 event either early December or late January. Haven’t decided on the exact format but I’ve listed some options below. Please reply if you’d be interested and which formats you like and don’t like (all formats only use the V8 Supercar Championship).

Option A
2 player teams (choose your own)
10 laps each track
Partners must finish consecutively (ie: 1-2 or 7-8. If they don’t finish consecutively, they are disqualified)
Total points score wins.

Option B
2 player teams (choose your own)
100 laps of Bathurst
Share one vehicle and mandatory pit every 10 laps to swap drivers.

Option C
2 player teams (allocated by me on handicap basis)
10 laps each track
Lead car must enter pits every 5 laps and drivers swap vehicles.

Option D
3 player teams (choose your own, but must have at least one driver outside the Top 10 Racers)
150 laps Bathurst
Share 2 vehicles between 3 drivers
Mandatory pit every 10 laps (for the lead car only)
At each pit, drivers take turns sitting out.
Remaining drivers can takeover whichever car they like.

Let me know what you think.

Also don’t forget Tim is running an overnight Lan on New Year’s Eve and also in January. See www.riversbaptist.com for more info.



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