Teams for the Bathurst 2008 Race

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Listed below are the confirmed teams for the race on 12th Jan. If this information is incorrect, or if you’re not on the list and would like to be, please let me know. Better for me to know now, than on the day.

Confirmed Racing Teams (2 car teams): updated 23/12/07
Registered Racing Teams:

CRV Racing
1 – Gunner, Viper
2 – Redback, Glacius

Team KrosTech
1 – NeuroTech, Rochie, Michael
2 – OO7, Asssyd

Useless Brothers Racing
1 – BosomBuddy, Bhuntaah, Diced Meat
2 – Madoc, Kale, Jason

Funnelweb Motorsport
1 – Joekster, Coops, Mel
2 – Andrew, Nathan

Registered Privateers:

no name yet
James K., Matt, Dilmah

No name yet
Uncle Dave, Jamie

Spare Drivers (confirmed)
Mick W.
James Dunstan